Flash Drives Reviewed

flash drives

There are thousands of flash drives from dozens of different manufacturers. How do you know which to use with your mac? I’ve tried 10 or more different brands and have narrowed down to the two I like the best.

Flash Drive: Sandisk Cruzer

I use the 64 G flash drive model daily. I’ve never had any trouble with it, ever. It’s a convenient mobile storage device to store music, photos, videos and documents. It has exceptional transfer speed and in a pocket-sized package. It’s fast and easy to share files with others. ★★★★★

Flash Drive: Sandisk micro cards

The transfer speeds are fast on these but I tend to lose them because of their small size. But if space is an issue, then this one is for you. ★★★

flash drive
Top: SanDisk Micro
Bottom: SanDisk Cruzer

Flash Drive:  Lexar

Lexar’s 128 GB skidding model proved to be a disappointment. The price was right for $32 but the sliding USB port’s holder that keeps it extended is plastic and wouldn’t do the job while plugging into the computer. To install, I have to hold it with my thumb to keep it extended to plug in. Not convenient. ★

flash drive
Left: Good Lexar swivel
Right: Bad Lexar slide-out

Flash Drive:  PNY

I don’t recommend this brand at all. I first bought a cool credit card-sized 8GB model flash drive years ago but it had an extension cable that plugged into my mac’s USB port. The cable was too flimsy. Recently, I bought a 32 GB PNY and it is very slow and doesn’t eject from the mac fast enough comparatively. Consequently, it lives in the top drawer of my tool chest, never used. ★

There are many flash drive brands that work great with macs. These are the one’s I recommend. Give us your opinion. What’s your favorite and why?

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