Laptop won’t start?

Today laptops are probably used as much or more than desktop computers, so you want to make sure they start up when you need them. If yours is being stubborn, try these tips before calling us for service:

1.  Is the A/C adapter plugged into a live power outlet?
2.  Make sure the A/C adapter is securely plugged into the laptop;
3.  Remove the battery;
4.  Hold down the [shift], [control], [option], and [power] keys for 5 seconds; (Note: hold down all four keys at the same time.)
5.  Release all four keys;
6.  Replace the battery and press the power button;
7.  If the laptop still doesn’t start-up, unplug the A/C adapter from the power outlet;
8.  Remove the battery, again;
9.  Hold down the [shift], [control], [option], and [power] keys for 5 seconds, again;
10.  Wait 10 seconds—plug the laptop back into the power outlet, replace the battery, and push the power button.

If this sequence doesn’t work, give John a call at 828.777.8639macWorks, inc. is a full-service Macintosh troubleshooting and repair company.